Monday, July 7, 2008

Too early for earplugs

Overheard in Watertown* last evening, from a house across the driveway:

Young woman to her boyfriend/father of her child: You say you're 95% sure that you want to stay and marry me. So, am I supposed to just sit around waiting until you're at 100%?

Muffled male response.

Woman: If I told my parents this, that you're 95% sure, they'd tell me to dump you right now.

Muffled male response.

*Phrase borrowed from this.


Katie said...

you just caused me to spend a lot of time on that overheard in NYC site... hilarious.

I talked to a girlfriend last night who recently did relationship math with her boyfriend. Hers was straight up arithmetic though, no percentages: if he wants to get married in 18 months, they ought to be able to tell their parents they're dating.

kspace said...

That story is very intriguing. I want to hear more.

I have my own relationship math: I'm counting down all the things that need to happen before boy will live with me. I think I have like three more. ;)