Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seattle: Portal to the Pacific

Seattle has been 70 degrees and sunny for the past three weeks. Here is a gorgeous day that sponsored a 12 mile bike ride (up hill both ways, like everything in this city) to see "the mountain". In person, the mountain was out; on film, not so much. But tilt your screen enough and you can just see the gigantic volcano looming in the clouds.
Looking the other way, a nice westbound welcome to the city on I-90, just down the street from my old Mass Pike.All that talk about dreary, rainy Seattle must just be a ploy to keep the Californians away...except for you, Katie.

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Katie said...

beautiful. On the west coast you'll learn many wonderful turns of phrase in addition to "see the mountain." There's also "go to the snow" because it doesn't come to you. Welcome to the blog, prop josie.