Wednesday, July 2, 2008

the original is too long to carry on the subway.

I had a very un-Cambridge experience this morning on the subway. I was sitting betweeen someone reading this book (Philosophy for Beginniners, which had a lot of ugly drawings including Hegel smashing a wooden box etc. and gives you about six thinkers per spread) and a woman studying a tiny pamphlet of Bible quotes. Then again, maybe this is a very Cambridge experience. Has anyone read this philosophy book? I'm e-looking at you, Mike.


kspace said...

I haven't read that one, but I own Einstein for Beginners, Relativity for Beginners (though I couldn't find it... I've read it, at least), and a book called "Introducing Hawking," which has the same premise as the Beginners books. I think those books can be useful, though somewhat cursory. Though in my experience, the relativity for beginners book confused me more than more substantial ones.

Rue Des Quatre Vents said...

I haven't read this. But I must say, I do enjoy these beginner's books. Obviously they're superficial, but often they contain good summaries of important points--at the very least, they show how the general public interprets an authority.

On my journey I've listened to Satre in 90 Minutes and Kiergegaard in 90 Minutes and I've enjoyed them both, as silly as they are.

The cover of this book reminds me of the philosophy action figures I've seen.