Friday, June 6, 2008


I have a little obsession with the number 3. It's completely irrational and I can't really explain it but I think it's by far the most beautiful number that ever was. Because 3 is so fantastic, 333, which is 3 3s is also great.

You might think that 3 3s is better than one 3 but it's not because my numerical preference goes something like this:

-prime numbers excluding 2, 5 and 7 (although I think 257 is prime so that would be ok)
-then anything involving 3 3s (like 333 or 9, which is also 3 3s, or 27 which is 3x3x3)
-then anything ending in 1, 3 or 9

Where does the ritual come in? At 3:33 every day - a time when I can almost convince myself that something magical might happen - I try to take that minute to do something that might spur the magic along. I stop what I'm doing and I daydream or I write or I look out the window or I read something fun or I email a get the idea. I realize these are trivial activities - more mundane than magic, and I don't always manage to catch 3:33 as it happens, but it's my little numerical ritual. 3:34 is a real downer.

(It would've been really cool if I posted this at 3:33.)


Katie said...

I have always liked the number 3 myself. I couldn't say why. Adab, do you have synesthesia? I like the idea of having a special time of day to check out/check in for a moment.

adab said...

It's probably uncool to comment on my own post, but this morning my coffee and croissant from Au Bon Pain cost $3.33. Made me happy.

adab said...

I must be approaching grotesquely uncool by commenting on my post twice now, but hey, no one will notice right? Last night I lost my cell phone. In the wee hours of the morning my boyfriend (whose number was the last number I called) got a call from my phone, presumably from the person who found it. Neither of us have been able to explain the strangeness of this fact but the call came at guessed it...3:33am. I kid you not. I practically went into convulsions when I found out.