Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kansas Knifeholder

From Hobbs on Massachusetts Avenue--no not in Cambridge--but in Lawrence, Kansas, a surprisingly hip university town. O, fellow blogger, where in Kansas are you from?


Kate Greene said...

Hobbs is a way-hip store in a surprisingly hip town. Did you eat at Free State Brewery? It's teh best. I'm from a suburb of KC, but spent three very important years in Lawrence.

Rue Des Quatre Vents said...

I did eat at the Free State Brewery! And it was delish. Great beer. Great meals. And incredible home made ice cream. :)

Lawrence was nice. It's a gorgeous area, too. I hope you liked it!

Kate Greene said...

I loved it. In fact, that's where I'm marrying my sweetheart in October. It's so cool that you got to spend some time there! You've inspired me to post some previously unpublished pics of William Burroughs (who spent his last years in Lawrence) and Alan Ginsberg (who frequently visited). Stay tuned!