Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Run, Dino, Run!

Here is something really fun on the internet. Dino Run is a little game where you use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to try to guide a velociraptor away from meteor attacks and extinction.

I am aware I am playing like a total noob--I have been pressing my right arrow button so hard I think I might break it. I don't know how many levels there are, as I got to level 3. (Also, I only learned the term "noob" from lolcats in the first place.) It was all I could do as a child to get my brother to give me ten minutes to play Tetris on the first-generation Gameboy, so I never really got hooked into this stuff. That is exactly the kind of nostalgia this game is tapping into. It might also remind you of roller-skating, arcades, skee ball, licorice ropes, and trying to win a stuffed toy from those claw vending machines.

The game was made by an entity called Pixeljam, whose motto is "neo-retro fun for the good people of Earth." Alright, then! Pixeljam, the people of Earth thank you. Here's their blog, and here's where you can play all their games, including two where you guide a rat through a maze to pick up cheese, also super fun. (Thanks to Ewan for linking to dino run on facebook. If he or anyone else ever reads this blog, yeah, I should give him the credit!)

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