Sunday, May 4, 2008

Poetry 2.0

If rock and roll and the novel are dead, then poetry went extinct sometime between the D.H. Lawrence ban and the Beatles. In an interview Doug Coupland recommended this Volkswagon ad for its beauty. (Product placement!!) It is a beautiful synthesis of word and image, doubtless, but more than that, I think it offers a window into the future of poetry. Ten years from now, I can envision one thousand and one Baudelaires roaming the streets with their cameras, raising the stakes and giving the future a poetry worthy of its vastness. And I shall be one of them. Next month, I will be driving from Boston to Los Angeles over the course of three weeks. And once I've collected enough video clips and once the muse has charmed me, I'll have a video poem for you when I get back. Meantime, enjoy the sonorous chimes of Dylan Thomas:

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