Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blog is the new band

I was talking to my friend Kate about starting up a blog.  I described my idea to her--that this blog would be a creative outlet for my smart, awesome friends.  While the blogs I read on a regular basis stick to a single topic, this one would not.  I'd run it, and we'd just do it for fun and see what happens, and eventually get a designer friend to make it look good, and hopefully the whole thing wouldn't just die like so many blogger pages that contain only one post from 2002.  I don't want to impose on everyone from top down, I said, making hippie-like gesticulations with my hands.  If they want to write about why women drink whiskey or Soviet crime thrillers or why they hate the New Yorker, that's fine with me.  She said, "Blog is the new band."  So, let's jam.

And here's a link to Kate's blog, a digital lab notebook about her DIY optical engineering project: Light Pipe Dreams.

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